Power House Arm Wrestling Federation 2018 Events


No upcoming events.

Event Results

Event Results

Find event results from recent PAF tournements

Country Crush

The Hammer is out and Country Crush is NEW for 2018

Title Belt Champs

We have some NEW changes with our Title Belts


Head Officials

*United States- Tim McPhearson

*Canada- Joey Costello

*Mexcio- Richard Amezcua

*Puerto Rico- Richard Calero (Moving to US-Looking for replacement)

Head Directors

*Northeast- Dale Vicos

*Southeast- Stump Burton

*Northwest- Steve Southworth

*Southwest- Johnny Ordonne

Advisory Board

Tim McPhearson- Referee Rep

Open- League Rep

Angela Rose- Ladies Rep

Frank Dias- Personal Advisor

Jeff Dabe- Athletes Rep

David Rutherford- Marketing Rep

Artem Taranenko- Rankings Rep

Aaron Hixon- Promotion Rep